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At Counsel, we understand that running a business is more than just collecting revenue. That’s why we help businesses like yours focus on billable hours while we take care of accounting, tax planning, other important business services all while advising on key performance indicators. With our guidance, you’ll have full control of your business and be able to make smarter financial decisions.

QuickBooks Subscription

Our office partners with QuickBooks Online and other Intuit products. Included in our monthly packages is your company's monthly QuickBooks Online Subscription. With mutual access you can have a view of your businesses financials at a glance.

Other Advisory Services

Not seeing a particular service you're in need of? Call us to discuss your specific needs.


We take our clients security very seriously. That's why we partner with companies who use AES-256 bit encryption to make sure your personal and business information stay secure and private. AES-256 bit encryption is the same level of encryption banks use to secure your financial information. Alongside this level of encryption our team is continuously trained to be on the lookout for scams, phishing attempts, malware attempts and identity theft.


Our team at Counsel will oversee all of your company's Bookkeeping and Accounting needs so you don't have to. By providing statements or providing us direct Accountant Access to your accounts we can help you maintain your books, provide important and timely financial reports as well as provide you KPI's so you can understand the pulse of your business and make better financial decisions.

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