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Clio Setup and Management

Successful law firm partners recognize the vital importance of having a seasoned advisor on their team who can offer more than just basic accounting services. That's why law firms, legal practitioners, and related professionals in the legal industry turn to Counsel for their accounting, tax, and law firm management needs. Whether you run a small practice or an established firm, our expertise and resources can help you foster growth and provide the guidance required to achieve your business goals. In partnership with Clio, a leader in practice management and billing solutions, Counsel can empower your firm to maximize profitability by providing the strategic direction necessary to achieve your objectives. By utilizing law firm practice management tools like CLIO we are able to help our client catalyze their practice expansion. 🚀


Clio Setup & Management

Clio is an attorneys dream come true! This law firm practice management tool helps save us and you time and makes every bit of running a law firm smooth and easy. From file management, accounting, managing leads, Clio makes it super simple to use their platform, and don't worry if you're scared of technology and apps, that's why we are here to help you! Counsel is ready to help you manage your Clio account and help you understand how to navigate through it.

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