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Business bookkeeping can be done on a Monthly, Quarterly or even Annual basis. Our team of accountants will also schedule quarterly or annual meetings with you to discuss your books and other services.

Payroll Services

We complete your businesses payroll promptly, accurately and within compliance. Our accountants are familiar with many different leading payroll providers such as ADP, Gusto, Payroll Relief and more. Need 401k contributions done as well? We can handle that too!

Check Writing

We can cut checks for your business so you don't have to worry or take time away from important clients and cases!

Billing Services

We take care of your A/R headaches and help ensure you get paid timely! This is an important part of ensuring you have proper cash flow to be able to make critical decision regarding your business.

Law Firm Management

Back office operations are non-core business processes such as accounting, bookkeeping, check writing, and payroll which are vital to a business but do not produce revenue.


Benefits of outsourcing back office operations with Counsel​

  • Reduce operating costs

  • Free up billable time to focus on cases, company goals, growth, and core strengths

  • Gives you the peace of mind of having a CPA firm work as an extension of your team


Attorneys and law firms operate within a complex financial landscape, where accuracy and efficiency are paramount. At our core, we understand the intricate requirements of this profession, and we are ready to address them with tailor-made solutions.


Our suite of services encompasses the entire spectrum of payroll and billing functions, meticulously managing records and ensuring that invoicing is not only accurate but also punctual. Recognizing the unique intricacies of the legal field, we have honed our expertise to cater specifically to the needs of lawyers and law firms.


By entrusting these critical financial processes to our capable hands, legal professionals can reclaim valuable billable time, minimize the risk of errors, and rest assured that their billing remains precise and timely. In an industry where the day to day operations such as payroll and billing are stealing your hours it is paramount to choose the right partner for these services, consider it a strategic decision, one that allows lawyers to remain wholly focused on delivering exceptional legal services while we navigate the intricacies of their financial operations with expertise.

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