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In the eyes of pop culture (and most people) bookkeeping is frozen forever in images from years ago: physical ledgers, tiny numbers written in pen, red ink, black ink, and the like. Today, virtual bookkeeping makes bookkeeping not just easier, but more efficient. It can help businesses in many different ways that traditional, physical bookkeeping can’t. Here at Abedian + Totlian, our virtual bookkeeping in Glendale is one more service we offer that can help your business.

Easier Accessibility

Depending on how long you’ve been in business, you may remember a time when someone wanted “the numbers” and had to be given a physical sheet. With our virtual bookkeeping, everyone in your business who needs to see the numbers can see them in just a few presses of a button. They can view them through their email or in many other ways. Of course, you can now get that bookkeeping information to people that may be far from the office, or clear on the other side of the world in just seconds. Try doing that with a piece of paper.

Secure Access

In the past, businesses were always worried about their bookkeeping falling into the wrong hands. With our online bookkeeping, you can control who has access as well as when they have that access. So, should you have to remove an employee, you can lock them out quickly. You don’t have to worry about them sneaking a book with them out of your place of business or anything like that. Virtual bookkeeping is secure bookkeeping, the kind of bookkeeping that allows your business to grow.

Malleable Information to allow you to Plan

With our virtual bookkeeping, you can manipulate the information to see it in many different ways in just a few button presses. If you want to see the last few months of bookkeeping or the last few years, that doesn’t mean that you have to rifle through page after page. Instead, you can just click a few times and see everything laid out clearly and objectively. This way, everyone that has to view the information can do so simply; so that they can have all of the info in front of them when they make the big decisions that will guide your company into the future.

Our Virtual Bookkeeping in Glendale

Virtual bookkeeping is just one of the many back office services that we provide. See, our virtual bookkeeping works hand in hand with our virtual accounting and our business management. When you utilize them all, you’ll have an entire team of professionals working with you on growing your business. We can see where your business has been excelling, as well as where it could use some improvement. Then, we can plan for your taxes, process your payroll, reconcile your cards and so much more. Unlimited consultations are just one of our services, but it all starts with an initial, free consultation. To schedule that, simply give us a call at (818) 243-3455.

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